Workshop and Retreat Facilitation

Workshop Facilitation


  • Preparation and facilitation of the SABER in School Feeding Programme and Roadmap Workshop for World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal. The assignment also involved assisting in the preparation of the final SABER School Feeding Report for Nepal and presentation and confirmation of the report by the Ministry of Education.
  • Facilitation of the Strategic Planning Meeting for the Professional Staff of World Health Organisation (WHO), September 2015


  • Facilitation on concept of Harassment at workplace for Himal Power Limited (HPL). September 2014
  • Workshop on Theory of Change for Handicap International. August 2014
  • Facilitation of a one-day meeting for Bread for the World


  • Facilitation on final workshop for volunteers with NGO partners of GIZ/Weltwarts. August 2013
  • Facilitation on logical framework in a participatory manner for Forest Resource Assessment (FRA). September 2013
  • Facilitation of two day Exit Seminar for the NeGFA Volunteers, August 2013
  • Facilitation of Cross-Cultural Workshop for the NeGFA Volunteers. February 2013
  • Donor and Partner Mapping and Workshop on Sustainable Funding for the Nepal Music Centre. January 2013


  • Facilitation Support for Embassy of Switzerland on Financial Management Training Workshop. December 2012
  • Facilitation Support for World Food Programme (WFP) on RCIW Review and Programme Strategy Consultation Workshop. November 2012
  • Facilitation of Cross-Cultural Workshop for the NeGFA Volunteers. February 2012
  • Meeting facilitation for the future direction of Combating GBV in Nepal Project for the Asia Foundation. January 2012


Retreat Facilitation


  • Retreat Facilitation on Sustainability Plan for WWF Nepal. February 2015


  • Retreat Facilitation on Team Building and Planning of Practical Action Consulting (PAC). February 2014


  • Staff Retreat on Knowledge Management and the Learning Organisation for WWF Nepal. January 2013


  • Team Building Retreat for the staff members of National Democratic Institute (NDI) Nepal. March 2012
  • Planning and facilitation of team building and strategic visioning retreat for World Food Programme (WFP). March 2012
  • Team Building Retreat for the staff of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal. January 2012


  • Staff Retreat and team building for UNDP Project Management Unit for HIV/AIDS project. April 2010
  • Work Performance Enhancement Programme (WPEP) for staff of World Food Programme Nepal (WFP). January 2010
  • Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS UNAIDS Staff Retreat for Strengthening Coordination Office and Maintaining a Healthy Organisation. January 2010


  • External Development Partners/Health (EDP/H) – A Reflective Retreat for GTZ. September 2009
  • Retreat for World Wildlife Fund Nepal (WWF). August 2009
  • Mission Staff Retreat for United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Nepal. April 2009


  • Staff Retreat for CONCERN Worldwide. September 2008
  • Retreat for AEPC/ESAP staff and management. August 2008
  • Staff Retreat for UNDP Nepal. April 2008
  • Staff Retreat for UNFPA Nepal. February 2008
  • Staff Retreat for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal. January 2008


  • Team Building Retreat for staff of Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). September 2007
  • Team Building Retreat for Energy Sector Assistance Programme (ESAP). July 2007


  • UNICEF Staff Retreat. February 2006


  • Team Building Retreat for WWF Nepal. November 2004
  • Team Building Retreat for World Food Programme Nepal. March 2004
  • Team Building Retreat for UNFPA Nepal. January 2004


  • Retreat for UNFPA Bangladesh Staff for developing competencies to effectively deal with transition. August 2003
  • WFP/RCIW Programme Partners, Retreat for Staff. June 2003


  • USAID General Development Office, Staff Retreat. February 2002


  • Programme Orientation Retreat for JHPIEGO. July 2000

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