Research and Studies


  • Baseline data collection on Right Based Advocacy to Empower Women for Political and Social Justice for Sankalpa. It is the study to explore the situation of women in terms of women participation, women rights, empowerment, and decision making process and also to identify the situation of women in post conflict period in reference to violence against women. September – December 2013


  • NGO Identification Mission and mapping for Simavi in the areas of SRHR and Safe Motherhood, WASH and Integrated Community Health in the Far Western Region of Nepal. The study was to identify, visit and describe potential local partner organizations in the Far Western region of Nepal that fit within Simavi’s approach to SRHR and Safe Motherhood, WASH, and Integrated Community Health. October – December 2012
  • Case study research and development as part of an evaluation study conducted by the Nordic Consulting Group (NCG) concerning Norwegian support to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. June 2011 – February 2012


  • “Above the Ground” Impact Study of Heifer Nepal, requested by Western Michigan University; Impressions and Feedback from External Interviews. June – July 2011
  • Exploring the Impact of READ Nepal’s Community Library Development Programme for Rural Education and Development (READ Nepal). Reviewed READ’s programme and the libraries supported exploring the contribution of the libraries’ activities and services to the community and identified lessons learned. October 2010 – March 2011
  • Research Policy Praxis on Nepal Policy Makers and Use of the latest communication and information technologies for Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex (Brighton, UK). February – April 2011


  • Mini Research on Local Capacity Builders (LCBs) Created by International Development Organisations (IDOs). Assessed the initiatives taken by IDOs to establish LCBs by converting their projects into LCB. The intention of SNV-N which commissioned the study was to draw lessons from such conversions to improve the planning and process of establishing LCB in the future. September – October 2010
  • Organisational Climate Survey for CARE Nepal. The survey provided information on the working environment of Care Nepal along the organisational dimensions defined collectively with the staff members and management of Care Nepal. April 2010


  • Terai Search – NGO Mapping of Terai districts of Nepal for Development Fund Norway (DF Norway). Conducted context analysis of 8 Terai districts (Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur) and developed district profiles in order to identify potential areas for future programmes (development and peace programmes) of DF Norway. Mapped and assessed the local NGOs providing information on potential partners. November – December 2008
  • Programme Planning and Research Report for Promoting Women’s Human Rights in Nepal for WOMANKIND, UK. Detailed mapping of local women NGOs undertaking programmatic and advocacy work to promote women’s human rights and development in Nepal as well as in-depth context analysis of the women’s human rights situation and sector in Nepal and provided input for future programme planning (potential areas for further work for promoting women’s human right movement and potential partners). September – October 2008


  • Study on Effects of Organisation Capacity Building (OCB) on Service Delivery by NGOs – a joint initiative of SANDEEP Project of Save the Children US and ODC. The study identified the relationship between OCB interventions in NGOs and changes in the effectiveness of NGOs’ programme implementation for improved service delivery. July – December 2007
  • Study on Donors’ Best Practices towards civil society commissioned by Royal Norwegian Embassy, SDC, DANIDA and DFID of the donors working group in Nepal. The study was done in collaboration with an International consultant from Nordic Consulting Group, Norway. January – February 2007


  • Feasibility Study for Nick Simons Institute (NSI) in the area of hospital administration/management in Nepal. Assessed the need for trained professional managers in managing health institutions and facilities in the health sector of Nepal. August 2006
  • Study on ‘Inter-Ministerial Cooperation: An Effective Model for Capacity Development?’ between Ministry of Education and Research Norway (MOER) and Ministry of Education and Sports Nepal (MOES) of which the Formative Research Project (FRP) was a technical assistance, commissioned by NORAD. The Nepal case study was carried out in collaboration with HESO/Norway and study findings were presented in Oslo. December 2005 – May 2006


  • Study on Increasing ICT Access in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas of Nepal (PS-4) for Ministry of Information and Communication (MOIC). A study commissioned by World Bank with the objectives to develop an understanding of the characteristics of the rural/peri-urban and low income Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) market. It estimated the cost of providing ICT access; the appropriate methods of meeting the demand (including the appropriate institutional arrangements); it recommended the institutional and regulatory requirements for the operation of the RTDF; it provided a model mechanism for private sector to participate in the delivery of ICT services for rural and low income users (with the regulatory requirements); it developed appropriate business models for the sustainable delivery of ICT access to rural/ peri- urban and low income users through public-private partnerships and designed and supported the government in conducting the pilot project for public access to ICT. This study was lead by ODC in partnership with Antelope Consulting, United Kingdom, Teleplanning A. Wirzenius Ltd., Finland, Professional Computer System, Nepal and other independent consultants. September 2004 – June 2005


  • NGO Mapping of Humla District for Development Fund (DF) Norway. Identified active NGOs working in the district for potential partnering with DF Norway to implement development activities, and assessment of NGOs capacity to undertake different activities in the conflict situation. November – December 2004
  • Study on Rural Community Infrastructure Works (RCIW) Programme Financing, a programme Implemented by MLD, IFSP/GTZ and WFP. Commissioned by Rural Programme Nepal /GTZ on behalf of MLD. April – June 2004
  • Research for Prospects for NepalNet. A study for the International Development Research Center (IDRC) to explore the prospects and feasibility of NepalNet, an electronic network of over 30 government and nongovernmental organizations. Recommended strategies for sustainability in the context of Nepal. January – April 2004


  • Study on assessing the existing community health services delivery system in Nepal for the World Bank Country Office, Nepal. Provided an analysis of the existing rural health service delivery system, from the grassroots to the Primary Health Care Centre level; detailed recommendations on improving its effectiveness in terms of coverage and quality. May – June 2003
  • Research on the Role of Civil Society in the Fight against Poverty in Nepal for Norwegian Embassy. Assessed and recommended different modalities for supporting research capacity and research work in the field of civil society and its role in the fight against poverty in Nepal. March 2003


  • Accountability Study for DFID Nepal. A study on DFID’s accountability in the development sector in Nepal; identified lessons learnt; explored the perceptions and experiences of accountability with development partners, NGOs, INGOs, project stakeholders and communities. July – August 2002
  • Study on Development Cooperation Experiences of Nepal, DFID Nepal. Identified lessons learnt, best practices and room for improvement in DFID’s support delivery for eliminating poverty in Nepal in order to assist DFID Nepal in the preparation of its Country Assistance Plan. July 2002
  • Study on Current Situation of Democratic Practices for Royal Norwegian Embassy. A study covering key areas of democratic practices including good governance, political stability and conflict, improved human rights and rule of law, action against corruption and pro poor economic policies. June 2002
  • Study on External Environment and Strategic Plan development of ITDG Nepal. Developed a country strategy for ITDG Nepal, which was to guide the organisation to prepare the tools and the resources for the fulfilment of the reviewed goals and achievement of defined objectives. July – August 2002


  • Organisational Study of the Ministry of Labour (MoL), Improvement of the Situation of Child Labourers/GTZ project. Reviewed the current organisational structure of the Ministry of Labour and recommended an organisational structure for MoL & Child Labour Section; developed an organisation structure for the MoL and a ToR for the Child Labour Section. January – May2000

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