Organisational Review and Assessment


  • Organisational Assessment of the 12 Implementing Partners of Asia Foundation’s CTIP programme. January – March 2016


  • Organisational Assessment of Strii Shakti (S2). It was to assess S2’s organisational capacity and management systems, to document lessons learned, and provide recommendations to further strengthen S2’s performance, quality, and impact of the programme from an organisational perspective. June 2014
  • Organisational Strengthening of Association of the Blind in Cambodia (ABC) – Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP) to assess the outcome produced in the project since its beginning in 2007 and to contribute with data and information to be used in an application for a new project agreement period between NABP and the Atlas Alliance/NORAD that will be commenced from 2015. November 2013 – February 2014


  • Organisational Capacity Self Assessment Processes workshop for Asian Blind Unit (ABU). The workshop was developed to undertake the self-capacity assessment of ABU based on Atlas Alliance’s OCAT. December 2013
  • Organisational assessment workshop for GFPID. The workshop was developed to undertake the self-capacity assessment for GFPID and their staff & board members, secretariat and district member organisations (MOs) on OCAT Tool. December 2013


  • Joint Annual Review of Martin Chautari (MC) to assess the progress and results achieved by Martin Chautari. June 2012


  • Organisational Audit of Advocacy Forum requested by Danida HUGOU. ODC was hired to verify the changes made in the organisation and to assess the capacity of Advocacy Forum. August – September 2011
  • Review of the United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN) to assess and examine the UNPFN’s role and contribution to the peace-building process in Nepal and identify measures and approaches to strengthen the operation of the fund in the future. August 2011
  • Organisational audit of Nepal Music Centre and Aarohan Theatre Group for Royal Norwegian Embassy. January – March 2011


  • Organizational Review of TEACH Pvt. Ltd for TEACH Ministries including financial management and sustainability evaluation of Early Childhood Education Center, Kathmandu, Nepal. September 2010
  • Assessment of the Biogas Sector Programme (BSP Nepal) for SNV Nepal. Analysed the BSP Nepal and proposed strategies for improving the cost efficiency for implementation modality, quality of the programme and pro-poor impact orientation. August – September 2010
  • Review of the Organisational climate for DFID/Nepal. An institutional assessment to help DFID Nepal understand and enhance its internal working climate and HR relations which also included facilitating the development of action plan. May – September 2010
  • External mid-term evaluation of the development collaboration between Nepal Parent Network (Network) and the Norwegian Association for Persons with Development Disabilities (NFU) for Norwegian Association for Persons with Development Disabilities (NFU). Review the networks position and achievements in terms of advocating for the rights of people with developmental disabilities, explored the possibilities of establishing a national advocacy organisation for disability right and justice and assessing the long term capacity for sustainability possibilities and requirements of the network. August 2010
  • Joint Annual Review of the results achieved by Alliance for Peace Nepal in fiscal year 2009/10 in light of the annual work plan targets, cost-effectiveness, and from the perspective of gender and social inclusion. May 2010
  • Joint (in coordination with its donors: Danida Human Rights and Good Governance Advisory Unit, Eco Himal, MS Nepal and PANOS South Asia) Annual Review of activities and achieved targets in annual work plan for ACORAB (Association of Community Radio Broadcasters in Nepal) in terms of cost-effectiveness and from the perspective of gender and social inclusion. April – May 2010
  • Understanding the issues DFID Nepal climate- short review for DFID Nepal. It was to understand the issues underneath the recent Climate Survey feedback so that a workable and effective plan of action could be developed and implemented that will result in further improvements to employees’ work experience and productivity at DFID. March 2010
  • Institutional Assessment of 14 Policy Research Institutions in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal for International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada. ODC consultant was a part of a team of three economic, finance and OD experts as a Senior Consultant. The team also assisted the Think Tank Initiative in gathering data on the group of grantees that fed into monitoring and evaluation system of the IDRC programme. February – April 2010


  • Organisation Assessment of Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO). This assessment aimed at supporting TPO to strengthen the management capacities and institutional development and development and implementation of the basic organizational structures and systems. November 2009
  • Organisational Development Study and Human Resource Management Plan for Town Development Fund (TDF). It was to make an assessment of institutional development of TDF in line with its goal and future strategy. November 2009 – March 2010
  • Independent external review of Fredskorpset Norway (Norwegian Peace Corp). Assessed the programme to provide input for developing improved methodologies, success indicators and defining the results in their key results areas. The evaluation covered Nepal and Ethiopia as the case countries and ODC worked together with the international team, taking the lead for the Nepal chapter. November 2009
  • Review of implementation of recommendations of Organisational Assessment of Lumanti conducted in 2006 for Lumanti. This workshop aimed to take stock of the progress identifying the achievements and challenges and reviewing and updating the action plan in context of the changing environment, new challenges and gaps recognized during the review process. March 2009
  • The Institutional Assessment of Partner Organisations of Danida supported Human Rights and Good Governance Programme (DanidaHUGOU). Institutional Assessment of 13 NGOs in order to provide DanidaHUGOU sufficient assurance that they had substantive administrative and managerial capacity as well as the tools and procedures in place to promote long-term Strategic Partnerships with those 13 NGOs. The assessment process aimed at facilitating self reflection and understanding within partner organisations and DanidaHUGOU so as to contribute to developing the institutional development plan. January – July 2009
  • Organisational Assessment of Parental Association for Mentally Retarded Children for PAFMR. Assessed the overall organizational capacity of PAFMR to identify the existing capacity, specific capacity development areas and strategies for future development and growth. January – February 2009


  • End-Review of Women’s Alliance for Peace Power Democracy and the Constituent Assembly (WAPPDCA) achievements and Appraisal of Proposal for Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and Royal Norwegian Embassy of Nepal. November 2008
  • Country Assessment of Climate Change Movement in Nepal for Development Fund Norway/Environment Movement in the South (EMS). Provided an overview of the state of the environmental movement in the country to prepare baseline and to provide a guide and context analysis for Environmental Movement. June 2008


  • Capacity Mapping Exercises; UNDP Bangladesh (For the Government of Bangladesh). Reviewed the progress made by Bangladesh in achieving the MDGs. Assessed the country’s public sector institutions’ capacity to formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate MDG based development initiatives within the current socio-political environment. Identified and prioritised major capacity constraints and provided clear evidence of the challenges faced by these institutions in their effort to roll out the MDGs. Recommended intervention and implementation strategies to Bangladesh UNDP. April 2007
  • Rapid Organisation Assessment and Development of Organisational Policies (human resources, financial and administrative) of Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN).The assessment was to understand the status of organisational functioning, its strengths and weaknesses, capacity also in terms of external relations with its stakeholders, and recommend areas for improvement for organisational development. May 2007 – July 2007
  • Organisational Review of Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN). Assessed the human resources requirements of FPAN consistent with its programmatic aspects and needs and assessed the competencies of the present HR with respect to the job requirements. Review of existing job descriptions and remuneration packages to formulate/suggest appropriate job descriptions for different positions and compensation system consistent and competitive with the market. May – August 2007


  • Organisation Review and Future Direction Plan of Himalayan Human Rights Monitors (HimRights). Assessed the organisational challenges and recommended ways to address those challenges and complexities and explored future directions for growth and development. September – December 2006
  • Organisational review including restructuring and developing policies for National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Reviewed the re-organisation needs and proposed organisation and management structures with effective decentralisation of functions and decision making, enhanced terms of reference of the NHRC management committee and changes in staff rules. Developed draft staff recruitment and retention policy. Provided training to commissioners and senior managers on effective delegation of tasks and on the functions and roles in organisation. July – December 2006


  • Evaluation of Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN), an Asia regional NGO based in Chiang Mai, Thailand supported primarily by Ministry of Development Cooperation, the Netherlands Government. The evaluation focused on outcomes, organisational/work processes and financial aspects of AHRN. July – September 2005
  • Review of the Office of the National Rapporteur at the National Human Rights Commission, Nepal. Assessed the accomplishment gaps, opportunities and challenges faced by NHRC/ONRT both in its work and towards its smooth functioning and integration into the NHRC. July – August 2005


  • Rapid assessment of relocation requirements, including physical arrangements, of all central Line Agencies of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES). Developed relocation plans and plans for future location of MOES office as a prerequisite for the comprehensive feasibility study of computerising of MOES. December 2003 – January 2004


  • Workshop to review and discuss constraints and arrangements and identify workable solutions that can be adopted to enable the implementation of the Hile – Bhojpur Feeder Road Project (HBFRP), organised by RAP and DoR. June 2003


  • Review of Solar Energy Test Station, commissioned by ESAP/Danida and carried out in collaboration with IT Power India. Reviewed management and organisational aspects of the test station. September – October 2002
  • Assessment of Staff Capacity for Shifting into the new Organisational Structure for Britain-Nepal Medical Trust. Determined an appropriate programming and organisational management structure, analysed the factors and strategies that had impact on programming and/or structural dimensions and provided advice on conducting the process of shifting the staff to the new structure. July – August 2002
  • Organisational Review of CARE International in Nepal. Assessed the potential impact of the proposed programmatic shifts and the existing security situation on CARE Nepal’s programming and the implications arising thereof for future programming including staffing, structure and skills requirements. May – June 2002
  • Review of the Effectiveness of Institution Strengthening/Capacity Building, Asian Development Bank (ADB). Carried out study to review the effectiveness of capacity building/institutional strengthening initiatives by Asian Development Bank and supported ADB in the formulation of a strategy paper on capacity building for achieving effective and sustainable institutional strength. January – March 2002


  • Organisational Assessment and Work Modality, Plan International Nepal. Assessed the organisational development and human resources management plan, including existing jobs structure of PLAN International Nepal. February – June 2001

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